Work With Me

As part of my holistic health coaching, I offer a variety of packages which integrate an effective combination of energy healing and holistic health counseling. Each package can be further tailored to suit your individual needs. All packages can be done in person or via distance healing and phone/Skype consultations.


The Holistic Wellness Empowerment Package

This comprehensive 6 month program includes:

  • 12 bi-weekly sessions of 60 mins each
  • Health history evaluation session
  • Lifestyle, career, spirituality, physical activity and relationship step by step rebalancing
  • Recipes, meal plans and guided shopping trips
  • Exercise and movement recommendations
  • 3 free Pranic healing sessions

Payment options – 2 installments of 270 BD each or 500 BD (which includes 1 free session)

Holistic Wellness Taster Package

For those who would like a brief introduction to the world of the holistic wellness, this package includes:

  • 3 weekly sessions of 1 hour and 15 mins each
    • Session 1: Health history session/Circle of Life Evaluation + Energy Healing
    • Session 2: Introduction to Primary and Secondary Food + Energy Healing
    • Session 3: Weight Management OR Anti Aging + Energy Healing

Payment options – 1 installment of 150 BD

Holistic Energy Healing

A uniquely tailored package consisting  of Pranic healing and/or Craniosacral therapy to help balance physical and emotional ailments . Harmonize the body, allow your self to integrate relaxation on a deeper level and connect with your inner self.

The following packages are available:

  • 3 1-hour sessions – 90 BD
  • 6 1-hour sessions – 180 BD
  • 12 1-hour sessions – 330 BD (includes 1 free session)