When I started the detox program I was only looking for a way to detox my body and have a start a new healthy approach. Not only did I do that, I also lost 4 KG during the 10 days program, followed by another 4 KG the following two weeks and kept them off since then. I’m extremely grateful for that opportunity.


When I met Muneera many years back I noticed how healthy she was and I wished I could be more like her. The pure ingredients she used were hand picked by her and her dedicated nature was shown. I feel so lucky to have taken up the amazing detox diets designed by Vida and have had results that are guaranteed and they actually work.


Being on the Viva detox diet made me realize that eating healthy gave me more positive energy, better skin and I felt lighter day by day. Thank you Muneera!


I would like to thank Muneera for the unique program (The Body Biotic Diet). Within four days of following the Body Biotic Diet, I felt light and full of energy. I liked the diversified menu and how the food was prepared with care and elegance. I am looking forward to trying another one of Vida’s programs soon.


The Vida detox program exceeded my expectations. It taught me how to eat well, lose weight and feel good. I’ve managed to maintain my health and weight following the program months late. I feel the most balanced and energetic in years. Thank you Munira for your healthy food.


I decided to put all of my skepticism and fears aside and try Vida's 10 day Detox Diet, and the results far exceeded my expectations. Even though it was a challenge and I had never attempted anything like this before, I was so happy that I stuck to it because my energy levels were boosted, my mood stabilized and I was positive for the entire 10 days. I gained a sense of control over myself and the food I ate. I learned to eat new foods that I normally would have never tried. I felt light and cleansed and as a bonus also lost 3 KG in weight. Those 10 days were probably the most instructive in terms of re-assessing my relationship with food and understanding what I was capable of doing in the long run. It was all in all a very positive and rewarding experience.


I have tried the Vida Body Biotic diet twice. It was not like any other diet that I've tried before because it really worked for me. I haven't gained back the weight I lost, my skin is better and my sleep is much better. I highly recommend it. It's worth trying.


If I ever think to go on a diet program in Bahrain whether for weight loss or to detox, Vida is the only name I would think of. With Vida I trust the quality of the food and service. Vida is a place where healthy food is made delicious.


I tried the Body Biotic Diet because I wanted to give my body a complete rest from sugar and wheat. I really enjoyed it and was looking forward to those brown paper bags arriving every morning to open up like little surprises! I had slight detox symptoms (light headache) the second day but that soon disappeared. The food tasted great and I felt fantastic after the 10 days. I felt lighter and more energetic. I highly recommend this diet/detox to everyone who wants to be healthy and give themselves a kickstart to health.


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