Raw Food Cooking Classes

As the weather starts to get warmer, I feel the need to eat more and more cooling, raw, living foods and less heavy, cooked and warming foods.  Eating at least 70% raw in the warmer months keeps me hydrated, cooled, energetic and helps avoid unnecessary weight gain.  Join my raw

Everyday Spirituality Talk Part 4

everyday-spirituality-talk-part-4- Final
Join part four of my Everyday Spirituality Talk as we journey towards unconditional love, joy and flow.  Learn how to be 100% present Gain practical tools to achieve harmony Guided Meditation Session Healthy light refreshments included Venue: Holistic Wellness Villa, Mariam Village, Hamala Date: Tuesday, March 18th Time: 7:00 –

Fit and Fun Health Coaching Program

Fit Fun and Health
Are you always busy? Are you constantly putting your health and well-being on the back-burner? In this exclusive three-month tele-class program, Holistic Health Coach Muneera Obaidli will guide you through a transformative journey that will truly enhance your lifestyle for the better, leaving you feeling revitalised, refreshed and balanced. The tele-class