Love Yourself First

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Do you want to know the secret to having everything you ever wanted?  Abundance, love, prosperity and more?  Your success in life depends to a large extent on having a great relationship with yourself.  When you prioritize yourself and give yourself the love and care that you need, something magical happens… You open up the energetic channels to give and receive the same from  the universe!  You cannot give what you don’t have, and you cannot receive what you are unwilling to offer yourself.  Those are the rules.  Remember that healthy relationships are based on love and not on dependency. And to a large extent, abundance and prosperity are aligned with your belief systems and your willingness to actually have it for yourself.  The ancient law of Karma also states that if you want more of something, you have to give it away to others. But, you can only ever give it if you’ve got it in the first place.  So give abundantly to yourself and others and watch as you get it back ten fold.

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