Spirituality Talk Part 3


What is presence? I enjoyed diving deeper into this question on the 3rd part of my Spirituality Talk series with a lovely group of ladies this month. The simple answer is; releasing yourself from the limitation of your situation, environment or from “reality” and instead of listening to or seeing the words, ideas and images, simply being with the vibration and the expansive “Isness” of the moment.

We are so used to “doing” that when we are simply “being” we feel like we’re not trying hard enough and somehow it’s not right. When we’re in school, we are told and taught to focus on one thing instead of being present for all the things around us.

I remember being in class when I was young and having to shrink and contract my concentration in order for me to become sufficiently “present” for what was being taught. On the one hand I was being present with all the people in the class, what was outside of the class, the emotional state of the teacher as well as the words that were coming out of her mouth (whether I found them relevant to my life or not), and on the other hand I was not present “enough” (for the teacher) as my awareness was on more that one thing.  This is the conditioning that we all go through early on in life. We are taught to take our selves out of presence, then shrink and contract our awareness to be able to conform to the demands of what other people consider to be “present”.

Can we let go of our judgement about what it means to be present?  Can we let go of the notion that we have to do something or try harder or be any different?  Can we just BE without the filter of judgement? Many people resist this notion as it goes against the years of conditioning and training that we have had to endure.  In reality presence is much easier than we were taught to believe.

Being present is often referred to as being here. Somehow, human beings have developed the illusion, that we can be anywhere other that here at any given moment. In reality, we’re always here, and yet many people judge themselves for not being present. The modern definition of presence seems to entail a degree of hyper-vigilance and contraction, which is actually the farthest thing from presence. Do you want to feel present? Just relax being you, that is it. “Who is being present? I AM”  Relax into I AM. That is presence. Just be it. Allow yourself to experience the Divine perfection that everything is without judgement. You don’t need to know or learn anything about being present, you just have to feel it.

So, let us explore the idea that people can be physically here, but not actually here. Those people are present, but they are choosing to be present for something else, other than what is here. Sometimes, as a result of regrets from the past or fears and and anticipations from the future, people disperse their energy and presence into the illusion of time travel. In reality, we cannot go back to the past and change things, nor can we know for sure what lies ahead of us in the future. If we just meet it all here and now and allow it to flow through our being, everything will go back into harmony. Read part 1 and part 2 to understand more about how this works.

Are you willing to see through your own delusion, feel the vibration of your soul and begin to awaken your spacious infinite state of presence. Are you willing to unlearn the contracted form of presence and listen to the feeling and to the being rather than to the words and ideas? Allow yourself to let go of the focus, the concentration and the trying and just surrender to the ISNESS that IS. It is our natural state.



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