Spirituality Talk Part 2 – Presence


My spirituality talk last week at Nirvana Lounge was a wonderful journey into deeper states of presence. The deeper I go into spirituality, the more it becomes clear that it is all about presence. I had a wonderful group that embarked with me on an exploration of how we can free up our energy and live “in the now” by unlocking ourselves from the construct of time. We enjoyed group shares, interactive experiments with props, a group meditation and a delicious healthy meal at the end. Thank you to everyone who joined and brought their beautiful energy to this evening.

Unlocking ourselves from time gives us all the energy we need to do whatever we want in our lives. It actually dissolves the limitations and blocks that are in the way of expressing our full potential and purpose. What would our lives look like if we were not influenced by the limitation of time?  How much of our present experience is influenced by time? Do you have part of your energy trapped in a past event that you have not let go of or come to terms with? Do you constantly have fears about the future that occupy your mind? Are you limited in your actions because of a perceived limitation of time? Not enough time? I’m too old? I’m too young? Etc..

We are infinite beings. As infinite beings we are like seeds that contain all the information we need to fulfill our potential. Every step we experience is needed to get us to the next stage in our development. In nature we don’t see a bamboo seed wanting to be an oak tree (or any other type of tree) or worrying about not achieving its purpose (of becoming a tree). Similarly, people are created with a blueprint which connects us and ties us to our Divine purpose and the infinite oneness of all creation. On the other hand, the concept of time creates the illusion of limitation and separation from this oneness.

As infinite beings, we allow Divine energy and blessings to flow through us unlimited and unobstructed. This allows the Divine miracle to come through and express its full potential (similar to how a seed becomes a tree, but on a much grander scale). We allow for infinite possibility instead of just the one choice which our mind can come up with based on our conditioning (from the past) or out of fear (for the future). When we are not living with presence it’s like we’re constantly climbing into a box and blocking ourselves from any experience that is outside of the box. It’s not that the blessings are not all around us, but we block ourselves from receiving them by choosing to remain in a “box”.

Are you willing to allow yourself to be infinite energy?  Most people have taken their infinite energy and blocked it with limitation beliefs.  The funny thing is that limitation cannot exist in infinite possibility, it needs the structure of time and our beliefs about time to exist within!  If you took limitation out of time, then everything (all possibilities) would exist in this present moment… right now! As an infinite being, your being already is infinite possibility right now. But, are you willing to experience yourself as that?

Time can seduce us out of our natural infinite being state. It can seduce us to believe that we can go back in time and live a reactive life based on what has occurred in the past instead of seeing what is true now. It can also seduce us to believe that we can travel to the future and worry about something that has not occurred yet instead of seeing what is true now. If you are experiencing any disharmony in your life, the Universe is actually asking you “Are you willing to see what is true now?”.

Are you living your life somewhere else and trapping your energy in the illusion of past or future events? Notice where you lock yourself into a past moment or future projection. The moment you are willing to “let go” of the parts of you that you are not “OK” with, they automatically are healed and return back to harmony. If you put even a moment between you and “right now” or a single condition between you and what you want, you’ve locked yourself out of the infinite miracle. Are you willing to view yourself with infinite eyes and unlock yourself from limitation?

The cognitive mind tends to resist this concept. It cannot make sense of this and feels like its fighting for its life. After all it would be out of a job and would lose its control over you.  Take a few deep breaths now and allow all this information to be vibrational. It is not a cognitive function. All this knowing and being is available right now within you. Wash a bucket of presence over this and allow it to just be. Sit with it for a while and feel into the words. Allow what you really know about awareness and being to be here now. Are you able to move the entirety of YOU into the presence and miracle and space that is NOW?

There is nothing to work on, nothing to fix, nothing to change. Are you willing to bring all that disharmony back to the flowing presence that is you? Are you able to be so present as a being throughout all time, that even placing a perspective or judgement into the timeline couldn’t be possible? Are you willing to release all of the infinite energy that you’ve encased into the illusionary reality of time?

Enjoy the gift of presence right now. There is no process, no condition and no waiting time. Just take a few steps deeper into your knowing and move further into that delicious space of your being. Reclaim your infinite energy and start living your best life ever right now. Be forever in the eternal moment of now and allow everything else to fall back into harmony.

Much Love and hope to see you at my next spirituality talk!

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