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How are you getting in the way of yourself being 100% present and having unconditional love, joy and flow in your life?


We had such a beautiful and magical night yesterday at our first ever Everyday Spirituality Talk! A wonderful group of amazing women attended that helped make it such a remarkable journey back to love and harmony for each and every one of us that attended. We enjoyed mini-meditations, presence processes, awareness exercises, an intimate talk/discussion, as well as delicious vegan meal and a fun fire at the end where we symbolically burnt all the “stuff” that was no longer serving us.

The sharing part of the group was a really special part of the experience, but in respecting the privacy of our group, that information will remain confidential. However, I wanted to share with you some notes about our topic and hope you can use this to allow even greater presence, love and joy in your daily lives.

Everything in our experience whether we are aware of it or not is happening for our benefit.  It is actually happening FOR US and not TO us.  Is it possible that even situations or people that we may find challenging or even impossible to deal with are the greatest blessings in our life?

The whole point of challenging situations is simply returning the energy of any disharmony that we have created (knowingly or unknowingly) back into harmony. As a creation, our original state IS harmony, but due to our conditioning, judgment and fixed positions about things such as how things should be, how they should not be, what we want people to think of us, what we don’t want them to think of us, etc – all those processes bring us out of presence and harmony into resistance and disharmony.

Disharmony and wanting anything to be different than it actually is, creates a magnetic charge in your system, which like any magnet attracts more of the “thing” that created the disharmony in the first place.  Woah! You may want to reread that one!


Strangely, people tend to be quite attached to their fixed positions and are unaware that all it takes to return the disharmony back into harmony is to simply take a few steps back from the situation and acknowledge that you have been “triggered” or “your buttons have been pushed”. Let’s slow this down a bit…can anyone actually push buttons or pull strings that you don’t already have within you?  The answer is NO. Is it possible that instead of allocating blame, “projecting out” onto another person or situation or even judging and labeling the person/situation that we simple acknowledge that we’ve been triggered?

Are you willing to observe what fixed positions you may have that have locked this trigger into place and will you then allow the disharmonious information to be simply vibrational and just be present with it? If you do, and you’re fully engaged in your “yes!” In this process, then you’re on your way to ending any disharmony in your life instantly and permanently!

Once you meet any disharmony with the energy of harmony and presence it MUST change!  It must return back to harmony.

Over years of life conditioning, we’ve developed countless fixed positions, patterns and habits that take us out of presence.  This is like constantly wasting your energy on going back in time to a previous hurt “I regret” or to the future out of a fear of “what if” or “this might cause” whenever you’re faced with a “trigger situation” instead of seeing it for what it actually IS in that moment.

Something from your past may have caused depression, regret, sadness or anger.  The future may cause you anxiety, worry, expectations or uncertainty.  But, this going back and forth in time constantly takes you out of the present moment (harmony) into resistance (disharmony).  Here’s the big secret…disharmony cannot survive in the present moment and is always a fear based in the past or future.

In an attempt to be resolved, disharmony and resistance just continue to pop up in your life with different people and different situations (carrying the same trigger) in an effort to bring your fixed position back into harmony and flow.

So actually, when we feel the charge of being triggered in our body, a fun response in order to return it to harmony would be something like “Hey!  Nice to meet you!  I know I put you there at some point to protect myself, to be accepted, or because I was afraid or wasn’t ready yet to be 100% present with you, but I’m in a different space now and I no longer need you!  Thank you for showing me where I’ve gotten in the way of myself.”  Then, by meeting it with harmony, the disharmony returns home and the “time travel” pattern collapses and returns back into harmony.

The truth is, once you take disharmony and meet it with presence (by not judging it and by loving it unconditionally) it must return to harmony and the disharmonious situation will no longer exist and must return to universal flow.  Also, in the very moment of presence all past situations that created the disharmony and all future possibilities also change.  Now, all what happened in the past that created the trigger, no longer happened in the way that it happened and the fixed position that has “collapsed” will prevent the reoccurring magnetic attraction that potentially creates similar disharmonious situations in the future.  Wow!  What a blessing to be able to do that in one moment!

There is nothing in your past that you can’t get to in the present moment.  There is no need to relive, process, remember, understand, forgive or anything else. All it takes is for you to be totally present in your being and in your knowing with any situation and it automatically returns back into harmony!  Isn’t that awesome? This is the end of you finding anything bad or wrong outside of your own judgment and attachment.

You are actually perfect just the way you are.  The disharmony is just a way for the universe to show you where you’ve been unable to love yourself unconditionally and where your fixed positions have hindered the flow of infinite possibilities.

Every being in creation is a miracle.  How can you fix a miracle?  Does a miracle actually need fixing?  Breathe deeply and dive deeper into your being and your knowing and hear the cosmic giggle about how we’ve created so many disharmonies in our existence by refusing to simply allow things to be exactly as they are.  There’s no need to fix or change anything.  Fixing and changing will only create more things for you to “need” to fix and change in your reality.

Allow yourself to feel into the words “I AM that I AM that I AM that I AM and everything else is the ISness that ISness that IS” of infinite existence.  If you could see with infinite eyes, you would know without a doubt that everything in the universe is perfection in every way.  Everything is constantly reawakening to unconditional love and infinite flow and allowance.


Are you willing to let go of your fixed positions and live a life of presence, joy, love, and allowance?

Join our second Everyday Spirituality in September to go even deeper into this understanding or join my Holistic Health Coaching program to work one on one with me to reach your wellness and health goals.


We like to keep the group small and intimate so book now for part 2 of Everyday Spirituality to secure your spot and avoid disappointment.

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  1. Mariam says:

    What an insightful article ! And honestly attending the talk itself to experience and play a bit with our fixed positions was wonderful.

    When we drop our fixed positions, we just be, it remind my of babies who have no fixed positions, who act simultaneously and naturally !

    It is ironic how we develop our man-made fixed positions in an attempt to seek a harmonious living is actually taking us away from harmony ! Since we were kids and as we act naturally without judgment, we get various comments of right and wrong, approved and disapproved. We start building layers of what we call appropriate to protect our selves from disharmony. And it is hormony that we disconnect with.

    The beautiful part about the group talk and guided mini meditations we had that evening, gave us the key to unlearn and drop those fixed positions to be closer with our being. i look forward to the second Everyday Spirituality.

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